Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blood is thicker than water

This week my 2nd uncle from Canada, Vancouver came down to Malaysia to visit us, after the last 15years, which is 1996..They really look alike, it was nice seeing them back again..

So, today is the day he has to go back to Canada, after spending a week at KL, visited all my siblings, and had dinner with us before this.. But, today was special, becoz include my aunty and few cousins to join this farewell gathering..We had our dinner at Kim Gary, had a nice chat, and we took few photos before he leaved.. I was touched when my dad cried while giving my 2nd uncle a big hug, the brotherhood love..It was my first time seeing my dad cried..By the way, im happy to see that until now, they still keep in touch, eventhough they have their own lifestyle with their own family..
My dad from the left, my 1st aunt, and my 2nd uncle =)
My sisters and I with my 2nd uncle

During the week he visited us, he had treat us twice dinner, not only that, he even gave us pocket money, I feel appreciated for his kindness, hope 1 day I able to fly to Vancouver to pay him a visit. Blood is thicker than water always, no matter how bad u feel, how lonely u r, I always feel happy when i know my family, my sisters will be there for me, forever =)..Love them!

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