Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blood is thicker than water

This week my 2nd uncle from Canada, Vancouver came down to Malaysia to visit us, after the last 15years, which is 1996..They really look alike, it was nice seeing them back again..

So, today is the day he has to go back to Canada, after spending a week at KL, visited all my siblings, and had dinner with us before this.. But, today was special, becoz include my aunty and few cousins to join this farewell gathering..We had our dinner at Kim Gary, had a nice chat, and we took few photos before he leaved.. I was touched when my dad cried while giving my 2nd uncle a big hug, the brotherhood love..It was my first time seeing my dad cried..By the way, im happy to see that until now, they still keep in touch, eventhough they have their own lifestyle with their own family..
My dad from the left, my 1st aunt, and my 2nd uncle =)
My sisters and I with my 2nd uncle

During the week he visited us, he had treat us twice dinner, not only that, he even gave us pocket money, I feel appreciated for his kindness, hope 1 day I able to fly to Vancouver to pay him a visit. Blood is thicker than water always, no matter how bad u feel, how lonely u r, I always feel happy when i know my family, my sisters will be there for me, forever =)..Love them!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Herbaline, Taman Connaught =)

Last week, my bestie, Xinni, thought of trying the first trial facial session at this Herbaline, just nearby to my uni, UCSI, its been awhile we studied there but never go into this salon..Well, this place is very relaxing when u can see from the outside exterior..and when we went in, it's really relaxing and feel fresh of aroma sense..
So, we booked for the time, which is today, and here it goes the spa journey after done our hectic and stressful assignments=).

the first session, foot spa

I kinda like their design which using the home concept to make it feel relaxing and secure feeling. Their service is good, not only their treatment, the service that they provide is so different from others, they even serve some refreshment which is very healthy meal after the treatment, I like it =).I will go there again in the future=)..

Fish spa for the last session =)

my dear bestie, Xinni =)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

there it goes, November, December and welcome 2011..

It had been a long time i have never blog about myself or anything what happen to throughout the whole year i guess =D, feel so bad to myself for open this blog and just neglect it for almost 1 year, since i have plenty of time to spend, and nowadays i tot of writting back my blog to reminisce my memory, experiences that i had gone thru, when im getting older, i want to look back before i become forgetful..
Time really flies, think back i have really did in this year of 2010, hmmm, busy with assignments, freelance job and what else, hang out with my frens, but this time is better, i have fullfill my day with jobs=), honestly, i feel so proud of myself, i have tried and work different kind of job, although not high pay job, i do have experience in almost every field, from admin assistant job, to promoter of all kinds of product, including IT stuff, organic product, daily use product, nutrition drink, all these had gave me some experience in dealing with people, moreover, beer ambassador i have done before too=).. Somehow, i do hope i have chance to take freelance in interior design one day=), gonna brush up my skills!

November, is also my birthday month, some of my besties treat me for dinner or drink as celebration, thanks guys=)..Pui Ling treat me Korean BBQ plaza at Times Square, which is my favourite food =D, and Elaine Ng, my Laine Laine dear, brought me to Michellelango at Pavilion for a very romantic dinner, the place is great=), food not bad^^..too bad, didnt take any photo as both of us has no camera, laine's camera kena stolen, and my stupid hp always low battery! gosh, maybe its time to buy a new one? Anyway, of coz, my babe Luen treat me to eat as he promise to bring me to German Pub at Menjalara K gallery there, celebrate with his bunch of frens, love it^^! thanks for the surprise too=)! Lastly, my parents celebrate for me too at home, this is a very unforgettable moment as my mum seemed more busy than me to prepare the food, feel so touched to have u mummy, love u always!!

Next, December, wow, this month was like hectic month, working like 7days per week, weekdays work as data entry clerk at a company intro by my friend, quite high pay thou, RM7 per hour, and u just sit there typing and keying data..and weekends working as promoter at hypermarket, seriously, i didnt even feel tired, but i enjoy it^^! hoho, u may call me a workaholic woman =p, can't deny that, but i just get addicted to working, maybe im used to earning money by my own instead of taking money from my parents, just wanted to be independent..but, of coz i did give myself a break, till when i saw a post share by my fri
end in Facebook, its a dancing camp, and she asked me to be the committee, well, i really love camp during high school time, as i was a Girl Guide and Scout during school time, and now, its been 4 years never join any camp till my friend, Racy intro to me this camp..Its a dancing camp organized by them, overall, im looking forward to it^^, tired yet so fun! did learn some steps by Bobby Tan=), one of the judge at Astro Battleground Dance..

And now, its January 2011, where my semester 4 has started, haiz, the busy routine life is back, sleepless night! but this time im gonna work hard on it, no more procrastination! get rid of laziness! just hopefully i can graduate early, please!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PLs vote me if u see this=D!

Im back now=D!! actually i just wana blog here to tell that im joining a food contest, and i really need any readers and friends to vote for me by clicking "like" on the link below=D, ur vote is appreciated!!!!
plS SUPPORT ME! But 1st u have to be a Fan of foodstreet in order to vote me=)!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Hot!!

Just came back from Setapak with my mum and sis.
Damn hot weather today>,<, just don't like the stupid weather,
haiz, what to do, have to go out with mum to settle the car thingy.
Finally we got our own car^^!! teehee~ after borrow car from babe Luen's father for almost 2 weeks, finally we manage to bought a second hand car, which is Iswara aeroback, not bad thou, but dun have power sterring=,=, so its kinda hard to control the sterring, but still can cope with it^^.
But, what makes me happy is i have got RM100!
hehe, it was the payment for my one day promoter job at Jusco Kepong at last saturday.
Well, first time work as promoter at Jusco, kinda fun, the job is to promote Complete Multi-purpose Contact lens solution to customer.
I was expecting there will be many people shopping at Jusco during weekend, which usually happens.
But, out for my estimation, it was so quiet and empty!
Sigh, maybe becoz of Puasa or maybe A(H1N1)=,=..
Eventhough there were some people shop there, all they shop were the mask or sanitizer=,=, hmmm..
By the way, indeed enjoy the job^^.
Then after finish working, babe Luen pick me back and we were planning to have dinner outside.
But have no idea what to eat until we passed by a Thai restaurant at Menjalara,
since i was so tempting to eat spicy food that day.
The food not bad=), especially the spicy soup!
it was special, as it was served in steamboat style, so you can drink it hot and spicy! yummy!!
Too bad i can't upload the photo now, but sooner will upload it=).

Monday, August 10, 2009

back to the place where i belong..Subang Bestari

Chatted with my friends today thru MSN, finally my MSN work out! One of my coursemate friend told me he had updated his blog, well, went to look at it thou. It's just a post bout his bedroom, actually just wana give some ideas for our design class, bout sleeping in living cube. His idea not bad thou, like his poem^^.

Actually, it makes me think back of my house at Subang Bestari, we have shifted out from that house which now we rent to a Mat Salleh. Before this, before we stay in maluri, i used to have my own bedroom, alone, i love it, i love to have my own bedroom, one bed, one study table, one cabinet, one closet for my clothes, one sofa for me to rest. But now, i have to share with my family in one room, due to my mum's home business, which require 2 rooms for facial room, so now only have one room for sleeping purpose. But i dun mind, becoz i undastand our situation now.

I really miss the moment i had in Subang Bestari, although it was just 3 years, i really love the moment being there, the air, the garden, the noise, everything. I really hope, one day if im rich, i will buy back the house. Its a very serene and peaceful place to stay, i really hope i can stay the house back, wait for me!

one of the photo taken at my house (subang bestari) garden, miss it!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hey friends..
just to drop by to update what happen to me nowadays, im so lazy to update, so just brief abit la, will update longer post next time=p. Well, been to malacca with babe luen and his friends for 2days trip last week, and went there for clubbing=), not bad thou, really had fun. Then, alot of things happen among my baby coursemate at UCSI, sigh, long story, btw, going to Genting with them on Monday^^, and wednesday will be at Gombak for so-called survival camp organised by School of architecture=,=..hope it will be fun, long time never go for camp since 2 years ago, miss those moment camping with my high school friends=(. Ok, gotta go, will update soon!

**P.S--I love this template^^! it's so sweet and girlish, nice nice!^^